Splawn Speaker Specs – Small Block & Big Block

One thing it’s difficult to track down is Splawn speaker specifications – the numbers corresponding to the three models of speakers that Splawn Amplification created with US-based guitar loudspeaker company Eminence, mainly to compliment the distinctive voicing of Splawn amps. Eminence doesn’t mention the speakers on its site as they don’t market them; only Splawn does. And on the Splawn site, all you get is the Ohmage (and price).

Whether you just want to make sure you don’t blow them up, or want to know if one will be louder than another (i.e. higher sensitivity or efficiency) when mixed in a cab, it’s worth having the figures.

Sadly, the more detailed specs such as you might get from a bigger operation like Celestion – voice coil info, resonant frequency, range etc. – are unknown. All models are 16 Ohms.

Small Block 25

Power Rating: 55 watts
Sensitivity: 97dB
Modeled On: Celestion G12M “Greenback”

The Small Block 25, which has emerged as the most popular of the three among players, is labelled with a misleading “25” as a nod to the speaker it’s based on, the Celestion Greenback, which is rated at just 25 watts. The SB25 itself really is 55 watts – we’ve asked many times! Its 97dB sensitivity sits right between Celestion’s still-made-in-England Heritage version of the Greenback (96dB) and the more common reissue (98dB).

Small Block 65

Power Rating: 55 watts
Sensitivity: 99dB
Modeled On: Celestion G12-65

The SB65 seems to have been discontinued; it is no longer listed in Splawn’s online store. Like those early Mercury Magnetic 3-pre Quick Rods and Splawn-modded Marshalls, it might be worth holding on to a set of these if you have them.

Big Block

Power Rating: 60 watts
Sensitivity: 101dB
Modeled On: Celestion G12H30 Heritage

The BBs can take twice the wattage of the speaker they’re based on, and are just 1dB louder than the G12H30 and G12H30 Heritage (both 100dB).

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