Bright Dancing Guitar

Christmas Lights, Pick Roar Style

It doesn’t always have to be exhaustive and frankly-in-need-of-editing yammering about tone, technique and speakers, does it? Sometimes, especially at Christmas, the twinkly season, it could just be some pretty lights. Such as those seen here, where I light-painted, light-doodled or, as X-Factor sponsors Talk Talk would have it, “bright danced” my way around my guitar and amp.


The technique involves setting a digital camera to a long exposure, turning out the lights, triggering the shutter, then darting around the room with a light of some kind, “painting” in the air where you want bright lines to appear. Mini Maglites work well, as do the little LED keychains used here. I also recommend a tripod, some patience, and keen night vision.

The guitar is an ’88 Ibanez Jem 777 DY that I’ve had since college.

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