Amber Malmsteen Naked. Exclamation mark.

Amber Dawn Malmsteen as dominatrix Mistress SevenYou know, I never thought a headline here would have ‘naked’ in it, but the world is an unpredictable place. Testament to that, the woman who accused Yngwie Malmsteen of being a sexual sadist now works as one professionally.

Amber Dawn Malmsteen (nee Landin), Yngwie’s wife from 1993 to 1998, has resurfaced in an online classifieds ad, seeking sex slaves in the Phoenix, AZ, area for “humiliation and degradation scenarios.” Photos from the ad, showing a trim but vaguely threatening Amber in a variety of fetish wear, are on the next page and are not safe for work! (She’s topless).

It’s hard to reconcile the imposing, masculine Amber Dawn of today, who likes to be known as Mistress Seven, with the tiny mosquito woman we caught occasional and brief glimpses of on Malmsteen DVDs, peeking out timidly from a little white powdered face amidst a giant hairsprayed mane of teased black hair, her double-zero sized body vacuum packed into a double-zero sized black dress, never daring to speak. Part of the change in demeanor can be explained: Amber told the Phoenix New Times that while she works as a dominatrix during the day, she likes to play submissive at home.

“I kick around people daily, and the last thing in the world I want is to be like that at home. I submit to certain guys like putty. My turn-ons are blood, pain and the extreme. I get a rush out of being hurt, though most guys don’t want to hurt me. You don’t have to twist my arm or pull teeth to get me to do stuff.”

Amber Dawn, for whom the instrumental track of the same name on Malmsteen’s Magnum Opus (1995) was written, married Yngwie in a Swedish castle on December 26, 1993 — which was four months after a SWAT team had rescued her from, her mother alleged, a crazed Yngwie holding her hostage with a shotgun at his Miami home. It was on TV. You might remember seeing the Maestro being arrested in his bathrobe. Amber says they used a lot of cocaine. Yeah. They were divorced in April, 1998.

The mother, by the way, was no saint, and used to lead her underage daughter around the rock clubs circuit, modeling underwear. Today, at 36, for the right price you can have Malmsteen’s ex-wife stand on your balls. America!

Thanks to Magic & Mayhem of the Yngwie Malmsteen Forum, who dug up the pics.

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  2. Magic & Mayhem says: Reply

    Lol no problem for the pics dude haha.

    Are you on the forum?

    1. M&M! I get SO much spam to sift through that I only just found your comment today. Yeah, I am Ayton on the forum — fear not the Malmsteen spies! Thanks for digging up the dirt on Amber. That gal’s had quite an interesting life.

  3. Sweet mercy, man. I thought the title was a joke.


  4. stupid slut, how could she do this to malmsteen, worthless slut.

    1. Amen, what a piece of shit she is. Calling Yngwie a sexual sadist! She’s so horrible!!

  5. i know that ‘stupid slut’ shes a really nice person, gtfo you fucking faggot trism, your the worthless slut

  6. Seven/Amber is a stupid slut. I know her. She is not a Dominatrix. She uses that as a cover. She is a WHORE. That is all she knows how to be. Her mother taught her that. She’s a sickening drunk and drug addict. She needs to get a life and a real job. Stop playing victim Amber Dawn and take responsibility for yourself and your actions and blamming everyone else for your problems. You are just a fucked up loser WHORE!

    1. What’s your experience with Amber, Michael? You met her around Phoenix?

  7. i shot all those pics plus thousands more of her and also video

    1. Well well well I guess its time I speak up and out and respond to your everloving and flowing hatred Mike Joseph Meredith (Jones). You are a liar and a butthurt overspoiled piece of tweeker trash that makes a living off dealing drugs from mommy and daddys house where you still at thirty something live like a parasite in North Phoenix. Rather than using your talents and skills youd rather deal drugs to younger folk and prey on females who pass out in your little dopehouse bedroom futon and blast them on webcam while they sleep unaware they have 2000 viewers on AFF…are you SERIOUS bro? like lets be real! I MADE you the would be “wanna be photographer” that you USED TO BE. Now instead of having all your bills paid and living FOR FREE OFF ME for 4 yrs you still stole money out of my bank accounts through paypal and even generated a “mirror” fake website to STEAL MY MONEY! wow…now you STILL search shit on ME AND TALK SHIT?…wow get a life find a hobby besides turning your nuts into KEVLAR tweeker pickin em and find a new throwaway talent and make some money LEGALLY.

    2. So the fuck what

  8. Oh and LEGALLY speaking if youd get your head out of a meth cloud and realize YOU DID NOT SHOOT the shot in the white and the topless one …YOU WISH…Kym Shirley “Ky For Her” did…so stick that in your pipe…(or in your case and in video) UP YOUR ass and BLOW IT!

    1. Your so fucking amazing I trully am the man I am today because I was blessed to have been apart of your journey and thankful to have graced your pressence and would do it all again no regrets your still my fantasy loved living the fantasy life with you miss you . …. Jesse James

  9. M7 call me please I emailed you

  10. Mistress 7, how do I get a hold of you?

  11. Wow really you should know me better than that first of all i never refer to my self as michael and then look how its written i never right shit proper if u thouht i said that shit ur wrong

  12. Wow. Seven is still alive? I thought she might have ended up dead in a gutter somewhere from drink in herself to death with vodka. Ha ha. Don’t see her advertise anymore as the nasty whore that she is !

  13. Well well M7…. you know who this is… I know that you could never forget me I am not trying to be all out in the public with all the drama bullshit out there. But it seems like you have vanished somewhere. So where ever you are and when you read this, I am around.

  14. I don’t understand this thread. People get wound up so easily. Humans are a vain species.

  15. MUSE is my other Muse says: Reply

    Hilarious shit!!! 💯 Yngwie is the man! I hope this thread never ends. Funny shit 🔥🎸🔥

  16. Seven – hit me up … Still around in Phx?

    Chris May, here – 602.783.3619 or via Facebook Messenger …


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