Pickroar is 1 today!

Monkey in a birthday hatDon’t you hate it when websites post stories about themselves? Can you get more narcissistic? Here are some facts about Pickroar!

  • Pickroar is one year old today!
  • Pickroar was launched on 09/09/09 at 9:09 p.m., out of a previously unacknowledged numbers fixation as well as some vague sense of pre-climax.
  • That first month we got 4,828 hits. 🙁
  • Last month: 48,265 hits. 🙂
  • Many of you seem to view the site via the RSS feed, meaning the nice theme and cute formatting are meaningless! Damn you. Not really. Keep doing it.
  • Some articles were written pre 09/09/09, before Pickroar was flung open to Google and the rest of the search engine world. You can’t start a website with nothing on it, silly!

Thank you for visiting, sharing, and coming back. Pickroar was always meant to be a repository for standing articles on guitar that would be of some use, rather than news or daily observations; as such, it’s not updated as often as it might be. I appreciate that you keep checking back in (sinister web stats programs tell me how many of you are repeat visitors, and when you touch yourself at night) even when you don’t find something new on the front page. Building an archive is the goal here, not being first to report Joe Bonamassa’s nose job, so that’s how it goes. Cheers.

4 Replies to “Pickroar is 1 today!”

  1. Uhhhh I was with ya lll the way until the JB comment lol that made no sense… http://tiny.cc/vv8ik for a free mp3 of Blue and Evil

    1. I’m originally from Britain. We’re like Canadians. Silly humor. Thanks for swinging by and dropping some Bona!

  2. Happy Birthday Pickroar………..

    Peace! X-Mann

  3. Hey I don’t mean to bother you but I was wondering if your the same guy that runs the splawn forum. Any way if you are can you take care of an account that is a spam box and is spamming the whole site. Pls help.
    If it’s not you sry and pls delete this msg thank you.

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